Chosen Movements
Chosen Movements





Zero Waste Lifestyle

The challenge is big: it does not happen overnight. In the beginning, I was taking out a garbage bag per month, then every three months. Now, it's been two years since I filled a bag. I have a small container in which I squeeze the irreducible plastics and it is not yet full. A life without plastic requires a lot of organization: make room, collect jars and find shops that sell in bulk, for food, beauty products and cleaning.


Ecological morality

Our consumption behaviour - in the widest sense of the word, so also the production and distribution of products - is an important factor for the amount of emission gas that increases the global warming. Even individual behavioural change is hard to accomplish. Shopping centres are nowadays places of brainless entertainment that attracts unconscious crowds. How will our societies balance the upcoming decades? I want to understand this wave that sends us to waltz and encourages us to reinvent the notion of balance.


Living materials

And that's not all. Living without plastic is good, but how to replace it? In a post-waste society all materials must be biodegradable. This is where Magma Nova appears, whose goal is to transform waste into resources, using living organisms, to create objects of design, art and architecture.

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Exit the hyper-consumption of the 80s and 90s ("I consume, therefore I am"), today, we want to eat healthy, we wish to better protect the environment, fight against wastage and help society by sharing. Hopefully, these changes will lead to a profound transformation of agriculture and the food industry.