5 tips for your grocery shopping without plastic

5 tips for your grocery shopping without plastic

Bio and me seriously haggle for over 10 years now. But since my stay to Berlin, our relationship has matured and I must admit that it is now one of my priorities. Therefore I started with a friend of mine the project of banishing all forms of plastic. In this first article I'll give you 5 easy tips how to avoid plastic in your grocery shopping.


1.  Farmers markets

Farmer markets are a great way to buy food directly from the producer. In Brussels the most famous and best one in my opinion is Terrabio, Marché Bio des Tanneurs. Almost all the food basics are plastic-free and available in bulk. You'll be able to buy seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit, bread, eggs, cheese, seeds, nuts, coffee, cereals, pasta, dried fruit, cookies, wine, olive oil, etc...

2. Be prepared with paper or textile bags

Say 'no' to plastic bags, they are usually unnecessary. Be prepared by bringing your own paper or textile bags and containers to the market. For example, I take my own containers with me to the cheese counter because by habit they still wrap the cheese and meat in plastic-layered paper. The person at the counter can weigh the container and deduct the weight. If you are wondering how to store your food without plastic once you get it home, simply collect or buy some glass jars.

3. Try to choose only wine or beer bottled in glass with natural cork stoppers.

This is kind of a trial and error project since you can’t see the stopper until you open the bottle.

4. Stop buying frozen food.

Yeah, sorry, but all the producers of frozen food use plastic. So, if you're used to frozen French fries you can also make them yourself: fresh potatoes with olive oil, curry, herbs, pepper and salt in the oven, super tasty!

5. Buy yoghurt and milk in returnable glass bottles.

At the Marché Bio des Tanneurs you'll find the milk and yoghurt in glass bottles that will be refunded when you bring them back. Unfortunately the bottles does contain an unrecyclable plastic cap. If, like me, you're not drinking any animal products, you've got a problem, because the rice or soy milk is only sold in tetra pak (read: In What World Can You Call Tetra Pak Green?).