Minimal care routine

Here is how I want to talk about my minimal care routine. Taking care of yourself is to look naked in the mirror, identifying the wounds on your body. It is to learn the geography of your skin, to see beyond the reflection storms that are played inside yourself and take the time to stop. Adopting natural, basic and cheap products is embracing the notion of freedom. Free to think clearly and free to not be fooled by promises developed in the marketing departments of large companies. This gained liberty is not only more affordable, but also strengthens the confidence in your own judgement.


Oat is a source of calcium, iron and vitamin B1 and can used as a cosmetic ingredient. The foundation I'm using is made with oat milk as a base, which helps to calm skin down, to which is added loads of nurturing shea butter, honey, aloe vera and glycerine to hydrate and even out tone. This product can be found at Lush, as well as the "Toothy Tabs". A heap of teeth-cleaning goodies are captured in a solid form and popped  into a recycled paper box. A perfect alternative for those aluminium or plastic tubes! The solid tabs are made of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar (baking powder). No added fluoride, but a variety of high-quality essential oils that naturally cleanse the teeth and palate, and spices to stimulate and freshen the mouth all day.


Furthermore, essential oil of wild roses is the simplest and most effective deodorant. It contains no parabens, phthalates or antiperspirants such as aluminium salts unlike classic deodorants. It is a little bit expensive, but worth buying at The bioshop.

Shower gels has been replaced by soap based on natural honey, cause honey contains nutrients and antibacterial substances. It is also suitable for the delicate skin of the face and also incredibly protective in lip balms and cleansers.

Lemon makes hair shine because its natural fruit acids help to better reflect light. It can be used to smoothly clarify light hair and give them shine. In combination with sea salt, which contains sodium, magnesium and other natural minerals, I've replaced my hair-conditioner by this natural elements.

Finally, bio coconut oil serves me as a body moisturiser. Hydrating and nourishing, it does wonders for the skin.

Because I no longer believe in the promises of brands, this routine has taught me to accept my skin as it is - much more normal than they want us to believe through the media - and to take great care of it.