Hair colouration

Hair colouration
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Colours began to bubble up in our minds and my younger sister convinced me to dye her hair red. Although she usually uses chemical products, this time we tried it with henna. The henna bricks are made from the dried leaves of the henna plant, which are ground into a powder, then mixed with cocoa butter and formed into a brick, which can be bought without plastic packaging at Lush.

Basically, it is quite easy to prepare. The bar needs to be cracked into small pieces after which boiling water is added. Then the mixture is stirred until the henna has a consistence like melted chocolate. It felt like rubbing mud in her hair.

Finally after 2h30, here is the result of her vibrant red hair that glints gloriously in the sunlight. It smells beautiful and makes her hair super shiny and soft. No need for extra conditioning treatments like with chemical dye.

Inspired by my sister new hair style, I decided to do the same in Chestnut Noisette hair dye with a professional hairdresser.  

Maryline Hair Concept is a bio-hairdresser in Brussels (near Montgomery) that only uses natural products. Indeed, the result of this range of treatments is based on a logic principle of absorption of active substances through the hair and scalp. The care exceeds a simple cut or colouring. Quietly installed on a massage chair, Maryline has lavish me with special care products for my hair type and have massage my head for about fifteen minutes. All colourations are made with lyophilized plants, Argan oil and vegetal extracts. The mixtures are done in warm water. Therefore no paraphenylenediamine, no ammonia, no resorcin & no paraben. Don't expect to have completely uniform results, it will instead be very natural, and you won't have that ugly effect of regrowth. Surprising detail, the powder colourations are stored in glass jars, even the coffee is served with milk and biscuits in a glass jar. Price-wise, compared to a normal hairdresser, it was very fair, 86€ everything included: advice, colouration, coffee, shampoo, conditioner, massage, cut and drying.

For other information about body-care-products, also have a look to a previous post about my minimal care routine.

Take care ! ;-)