Starterkit for a plasticless life

Starterkit for a plasticless life

When you're smoking, the hardest thing is to stop. When you want to reduce your waste, the hardest thing is to start. I think that the key to end the plastic pollution is to collaborate, share and take action. Nobody can solve this problem alone. We need to do it together and approach it from different angles, in a multidisciplinary way. Everyone is responsible and everyone can do something, even though it's a small effort. The reason to start is more important then the reason not to. So no matter what, just start!

1. Tons of jars

You can buy them or just save and reuse all possible conservation containers.

2. Storage space

Once you start to clear your storage shelves, you notice that you already have plenty of usefulness things to store food. Don't throw anything away, always try to reuse what you already have. Make space for your new jars.

3. A good bike is a must

As you're not going to use your car to go to the farmers market, investing in a bike with a basket is a good idea. It's more flexible in the city as you'll wanna go to different stores and markets.

4.Never forget your backpack

In you're backpack you can put the jars and linen bags.

5. Organize and take your time

Forget the rush hours at the supermarket. Take time to enjoy your shopping, socialize at the market, invite friends to shop together, talk with producers/farmers. Eat slow and live slow.

6. Compost

Organic and biodegradable things should be the only "waste" you produce so make sure to have a compost. I admit still to have paper waste too, luckily in Belgium it's assured to be properly recycled. But I have given myself the challenge to reduce my paper use too.

Do you feel inspired and would like to take up the challenge? Feel free to share you're issues and we will try to find alternatives for everything ;)